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Sales development targeting high growth rates

We maximize your revenue ensuring that you have the best possible sales team with the optimal combination of sales personnel. We ensure your team operates in conditions that help you achieve outstanding results.

7C specializes in implementing change in sales-driven organizations.
We help company management to develop sales ability and sales efficiency. We focus on leadership and help sales managers become more driven and efficient by focusing on development and change. We begin by evaluating the entire sales team and only after extensive analysis, and ensuring a common direction of travel, do we help our clients design powerful change programs. 7C consultants are skilled change coaches that can help you implement all necessary changes in your sales organization. Our goal is to help our customers develop high-performing sales teams for significant and sustainable growth. In short: 7C makes change happen!


All too often, we see management relying on the two most traditional ways to stimulate and develop a sales teams’ ability – that is, sales training and sales bonuses. These are both usually ineffective over time. Reality is more complicated, and the ability of a salesperson often grows as stimulus and pressure builds. Our model shows this.


It turns out that most CEOs have a good understanding of the current situation, the forecast and goals that their sales team is faced with. However, often they have only a vague idea – or little idea at all – about how effective their team actually is. To understand this better, test yourself by asking the question: Could my sales team be better? If the answer is yes, ask yourself the question: How could it be better? Soon, it will become clear that a comprehensive screening of your sales team is needed to even begin to answer question two: What does sales ability and efficiency look like? Once this analysis is in place, there is a foundation on which to build and progress: the development plan, sales plan, sales processes, strategic messages, education and recruitment. Everything has its beginning in the sales analysis!


If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Measuring sales activities and following up the results is central to any effective sales team. When clear KPIs and active targeting become a natural and integrated part of the leadership, this immediately leads to better results. But it is also about choosing the right system to support measurement and selected KPIs.

Effective sales leaders
Many companies testify to the difficulty of finding effective sales managers. In a recent study of about 100,000 sales managers it was concluded that 18 percent of those surveyed should not be in a managerial role. The study also found that 34 percent were not susceptible to skills-enhancing initiatives at all. 7C helps you to both recruit and develop effective sales managers.

Sales Recruitment
The ability to recruit the right sales talent is central. The single fastest way to increase sales is to hire the right sales person for the role. Therefore, a study showing that 77 percent of all sales recruitment actually leads to the wrong person being hired is worrying. How do you avoid being wrong? In fact, the strategy is simple. As a manager, you want to hire candidates who are better than those you already have on your team. This again raises the need for effective analysis of your sales team – you must be able to define ‘top performance’.


Mental attitude, rather than the sales competence, is what distinguishes star sales personnel from the rest of the team. The best sales people are extremely goal-oriented, they are positive, committed, they have a high desire to succeed and are responsible. Most leaders know that coaching is the fastest way to change the mental attitude of the individual sales person, they understand that this moves the entire team to a higher level. Despite this knowledge which is strongly supported by the findings of several studies, coaching takes place on a very small scale – or not at all – in most sales organizations. Why? Usually because the culture, leadership and that which the company actually measures and values, does not support coaching as an activity. 7C has many years of experience in challenging, implementing and changing to ensure effective sales coaching on site. Performance improvements are usually considerable. We’ve seen sales teams double their results in less than twelve months.


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Sales development focusing on increased growth

To help maximize your revenue we make sure that you have the right combination of sales personnel on each team. We develop your teams and ensure that they have the best possible conditions to achieve top results.

Our approach takes into account that your company has its own unique culture, strategies, structures, working methods and recruitment processes. We know that a present, challenging and coaching style of leadership is a prerequisite for success. We provide sales management with the relevant tools such as: assessments, analysis, consulting as well as training, software and workshops, to help propel their teams and individuals towards higher targets.

What we do:

To avoid the loss of precious time, speculation and to avoid relying on guesswork, our projects begin with an evaluation of the sales team. This creates clarity and gives us an in-depth understanding of the sales team’s abilities, commitment and motivation. But it also creates an overall picture regarding systems, processes and strategies. This analysis helps us to answer the most difficult questions regarding the performance of the sales personnel and the teams. 7C works with the Objective Management Group (OMG), OMG are recognized as providers of the market’s best sales evaluation tool.

In order for changes in a sales organization to become sustainable, a solid structure is required. We help to develop and install sales processes for different sales roles, meeting structures, effective target management and digital tools for learning. We ensure criteria for the recruitment of new sellers, develop and set standards for your team to follow and ensure that the overall sales strategies are adhered to.

Team development
Our framework for team development is taken from known group dynamic models. 7C’s team development is about creating sustainably high-performance and innovative customer-centered teams. We help to create a sales culture where daily coaching, follow-up, learning and competition become a natural part of the business. Sales training is not a side activity conducted by hired sales gurus every two years, it should be an ongoing, integrated part of the business.

It is the hallmark of 7C Group that after implementation we strive for our customers to be self -sufficient in terms working methods and tools.

STAR – sales recruitment
Hiring sales personnel is, to say the least, challenging because even a poor salesperson can be good in an interview. There are studies showing that 77 percent of cases “wrong” candidates are employed. 7C therefore offers a complete solution for successful sales recruitment – STAR (Sales Talent Acquisition Routine). STAR saves time, resources and begins where many recruitment processes end – in an evaluation. The candidates who meet the requirements and who also have what is required in the form of engagement and sales DNA are discovered. 92 percent of those recruited via STAR belong to the 50 percent of the best salespeople after 12 months’ employment. STAR can be implemented in several different ways and we offer advice to find the best way of working for your particular organization.

Other services to enable powerful sales development for your organization:

Sales Excellence Program:
Program design, project management and implementation of sales development programs for sales organizations in both B2B and retail.

Optimization of the sales process:
Modification or development of a structured and customized sales process including Pipeline Management.

Consultancy on digital CRM platforms:
We collaborate with Membrain (Sales enablement CRM for B2B Sales). See more under “partners”.

Sales development for leaders:
Few sales manager have a coaching leadership style. 7C gives sales managers tools so that they in turn can coach their salespeople. Effective sales coaching motivates, develops and ensures that those in sales are made responsible for their commitments.

Executive coaching, coaching and change management for management teams, as well as business coaching with a focus on strategy, tactics and operational issues.

Sales training for salespeople:
Results-oriented training to change behavior and increase results.



Strategic partners:

Membrain is a complete platform for B2B sales. Unlike traditional CRM, perceived as mindless data-entry by your sales team, Membrain converts your sales strategy into a visual workflow. The results are easy to understand and help salespeople focus on the right opportunities and sell more confidently, from the first contact to close. The software makes it easy for your team to execute your sales strategy, while equipping sales leaders with the tools needed to coach and to optimize. Naturally, 7C uses Membrain as our sales support system.



Objective Management is the industry leader in sales force evaluations and sales candidate assessments. Their world-class suite of sales specific assessment tools helps companies make good, intelligent, timely decisions about the evolution that must take place in the sales organization.


We are an innovative company that strives to practice what we preach. Constant change and learning is part of our DNA. We employ an exciting mix of experienced change consultants, responsive coaches with focus on sales enablement. What we have in common is that we are passionate about our customers to succeed in their change processes. Looking for a job? Mail your application here.